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January 30, 2025

A project completed Spring, 2017. Working with Journeyman (JI), a platform connecting volunteer Architects, Designers, Engineers and Project Managers with humanitarian project needs, I designed two huts that would accommodate those traveling to Rwanda. Fun and innovative thinking that lead to not only an adventurous time for the travelers, but also support for future projects that would be launched within Rwanda in the future.


Vana Kevorkian and Annie Chen

May, 2016

How can we reconcile the need for Tempelhof to be preserved as a public space with a need for functionality and productivity of our urban spaces? This proposal addresses these two goals by forming new relationships between landscapes. Building water and public access we aim to dissolve arbitrary walls partitioning these necessities and instead hybridizing them. Looking for symbiotic relationships which integrate artificial structures with natural systems.


September, 2015

Whether it is age value, historical value, or use value, each proposition has its time and place. Many different aspects have to be considered before carving out a larger structure that interferes with culture and history. Although it is impossible to satisfy everyone’s beliefs and motifs, there is always a close compromise between each proposition. This project keeps the existing structure and adds a use value to it while enlarging and diversifying it to engage Rome's citizens and visitors.


August, 2015

The goal of this project is to preserve the beauty of Matera, Italy while adding a new feel that will grab the attention of not only the tourists but also its locals. Concentrating mostly on Matera’s cuisine and vegetation, the structure includes a learning Kitchen, farmers’ market, and multiple bars, each with a unique theme.


June 2015

Autus Ring is located in the small town of Shoushi, located in the Republic of Mountainous Karabakh. Crystal-clear mountain air, soft climate, woody vicinity, are only a few of it’s natural enjoyments.  This project serves as a touristic-community center; a new construction that helps the inhabitants heal and revive.


September, 2014

Takamerue, the Zen meditation center, is constructed to help those who need a break from their daily lives reach Zen in peace. In the crowded city o Kyoto, this center provides peace and relaxation. Whether you are a guest or lifelong monk, living quarters are available to help you journey to enlightenment.

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