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September, 2015

The project carries out renovations by rationalizing the benefit of the structure’s future renovation against the loss of its age value. Although structures may lose their admirable age value there always needs to be a cost in order to gain something that is more suitable for the present time. After all, we are always looking towards a better future, and keeping the historical buildings with no intent of introducing innovations where needed, keeps the human race from improving.
The addition not only brings use to itself but also to the structures that it folds over, which have been vacant for many years. It offers space for a community based education. Helping Rome’s citizens and its tourists learn about not only the benefits of recycling but also the right way of carrying it out. It also offers areas for daily gatherings and large events. Utilizing an unused but historical space, when done with no major deconstruction, can be viewed as beneficial rather than disgraceful.

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